Best Social Marketing Campaign 2014 - Winner

With South Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SEPT), Resonant is delighted to have won the prestigious AHCM (Association of Healthcare Communications and Marketing) Best Social Marketing Campaign award 2014.

The award is for the delivery of a social marketing strategy and campaign to increase referrals to SEPTís talking therapy service, Therapy For You. The campaign achieved 54% increase in referrals to the service.

The awards were made at the AHCM ceremony in Leeds on 20 November 2014.


New guide to producing information for children and young people

A new guide published by the Patient Information Forum today, aims to help anyone who communicates with children and young people about their health, improve what they do.
The Guide to Producing Health Information for Children and Young People sets a new standard and shares practical advice as well as examples of current best practice in the field.

Experts from child psychiatry, leading childrenís health charities, Resonant Media and NHS England have all contributed to the guide. The guide showcases Resonantís work getting 7-11 year olds more physically active in Newham.

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18 July 2014

Insight to inform alcohol-harm reduction initiatives for at-risk groups in Ealing

Ealing Council has commissioned Resonant to provide insight into two key groups at risk of alcohol harm: binge drinkers and home drinkers (largely middle-aged or older). Having identified the attitudes, key motivations and barriers, Resonant will provide targeted social marketing interventions to help change the behaviour of both groups.

4 July 2014



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