About us

We are an award-winning agency that has been delivering improvements in health and wellbeing for our clients since 2004. Through the thoughtful application of insight, co-production and marketing techniques, we deliver behaviour change, patient engagement and service demand- management.

From day one, we made a conscious decision to focus on solving the health and wellbeing issues facing society. We get really excited about creating practical interventions that deliver results for our clients. Our depth of experience on health and wellbeing issues, and our understanding of the communities and people that are often hardest to reach, is what sets us apart.

Our ethos is about trusting in the people we are trying to connect with, as they can help us to find the right answers. By understanding their issues, and listening to their ideas, we co- produce, develop and deliver long-lasting and effective solutions.  

Who we are

Our senior team combines decades of experience in health, marketing, behavioural insights and understanding what will work on the ground for you. In addition to our core team of nine, we also work closely with a broad range of specialist consultants. It means that working with Resonant gives you access to a highly experienced and knowledgeable team who are ready to take on any challenge you can throw at us.