Mental health - Improving access to talking therapies in Newham and Richmond 


East London NHS Foundation Trust / Newham Psychological Services


Rebranding and marketing to increase credibility, trust and access to talking therapies within all parts of the community in two London boroughs.

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Our challenge was twofold. Firstly, Newham Psychological Services recognised that their service was not reaching the local people who needed it most. The clinical image and terminology used in its patient information was a barrier to people who would benefit from the services offered.

Secondly, East London NHS Foundation Trust, which manages Newham Psychological Services, was soon to launch its talking therapy services in the borough of Richmond. It required a brand that provided flexibility and would appeal to a wide demographic.


Through stakeholder engagement with clinicians, service users and managers, Resonant created a brand identity, including a new service name, and patient information that is accessible and appealing to the general public. We also worked with the Trust to develop a marketing campaign to raise awareness of the service, targeting communities with the most need.


Following the launch of the new brand identity and patient information in Newham, service uptake increased by 24% in the first year. The Trust is now able to deliver an accessible yet professional and reassuring impression from the outset. And with the brand toolkit provided by Resonant, it can implement a consistent service identity in multiple geographies as its service offering expands.

At a glance

  • Branding
  • Patient engagement
  • Campaign and marketing
  • Multilingual patient information